Working culture

  1. Honest is the harmony between words and actions in accordance with applicable regulations. For lecturers not to do plagiarism and for students not to cheat on the exam.
  2. Discipline is compliance to respect and implement the applicable provisions. For lecturers and students in the form of not being late in conducting lectures.
  3. Responsibility in the form of awareness and willingness to do and bear the risk of work. For lecturers implementing tri dharma related to the performance of lecturers and for students to collect assignments on time.
  4. Creative is the belief and willingness to continuously improve performance. For lecturers and students always try to find new ways.
  5. Local wisdom is to include local culture in completing tasks, responsibilities, and communicating. For lecturers and students dressed in batik according to the time specified and conduct research according to the superiority of locality.
  6. Environmentally friendly namely awareness and participation maintaining the environment, increasing efficiency, and effectiveness of energy use. For lecturers and students in the form of orderly disposing of garbage, green campus and saving electricity and office stationery.